Despite all the threats of rain, we’ve been blessed with some sun for our week of activities in school; all the lower senior pupils enjoyed the opportunity to try crafts and outdoor activities instead of lessons. Theo, Y9, was the youngest contributor, delivering a DJ workshop to some of the pupils. Rachael, Rain and Abi Griffiths – our “old girls” – came back to school to offer a dance session.

There was also photography, skating, cycling, orienteering, team building in the woods, making jewellery boxes, creating flower garlands and tie-dying.

Susan has kept her junior class busy this week on year books and the filming of their Greek play – which the school watched together. As ever, that class created a performance to be proud of, with masks and costumes and some great acting to a script which they prepared themselves.

On Thursday the school came together to prepare for and to hold our own Olympics – with a wide number of countries represented from every continent. It was lovely to see all the Y11 come back into school that afternoon to get involved.

The week finished with school made pizza and presentations and an attempt to make this the first year ever that everyone takes all their things home with them for the long holiday.

The next year offers exciting possibilities in terms of development of courses and additions of new staff with God’s guidance.

We hope everyone enjoys a good break and some sunshine.

Life in school doesn’t stop over the holiday as parents help by installing a new kitchen, keeping the grounds tidy, looking after the chickens or any other odd jobs.

The last Saturday of the holiday is the school clean and maintenance day. School is open from 10.00 until mid-afternoon and we share lunch together with those who time their clean for midday!

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