Pupils from the school recently entered the Olympic inspired “Inspire / Aspire” poster project.

This encouraged pupils to reflect on their own aim for their future.  They had the opportunity to clarify their goals in life and to work out the qualities required to achieve them.

They are also asked to consider who has inspired them and what they may inspire or contribute to others, echoing the quotation from Sir Winston Churchill when he said, “…we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.”

Seventeen pupils from year four to eight took part in the project and nine posters were selected to enter the national competition.

Out of over 35,000 entries across the country 4 of our pupils have been shortlisted with 100 others to receive an award at Foreman’s Fish Island in London on 11th July 2012.

Khahisa, Rhianna, Freya and Aisha were all able to reflect on their own values and qualities thinking about what they are good at and things that they could work on.  They also chose a sports person who had inspired them whether for excellence in their sport or qualities such as courage and determination.  Finally they had to reflect on their future and the kind of person they would like to be.

It was interesting to see that many of our pupils aimed to achieve a good marriage with children.  They also had many detailed ideas about what they wanted to contribute to others in their life, with ideas as diverse as helping to build schools in Africa and helping to invent a cure for rabies to encouraging people to play snooker and learn about the joy of dance.

All in all it was an interesting and inspiring activity and we are eagerly awaiting the results of the National Awards.

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