This story isn’t about nonsense, like what you do at home. You probably watch TV or go on your computers, but they go on an adventure to a square island. Big battles, mad things, and all help done by Susan, Jasmine and of course brave Billy .The creatures they’re different. There are baddies e.g. creepers – they explode; brave warriors, even talking pigs and frogs. And the evil Herobrine behind it all. Let the battle begin! Listen here:


Its only the first chapter but a lot happens and the story gets under way.

Destruction is destroying the Land of Randoms, it is under terrible threats. Is there any hope left? Yes all hope is in three youngsters and a chipmunk. But they are on the run back to the human world in fear of greedy thieves.

Does the land have any hope? its time to find out…


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