Dear Mummy and Daddy,

This is a letter from your hard-working, caring and considerate
Please may I have a pet giraffe? I promise to feed it, bath it, and
clean up after it every day.
I understand this isn’t a normal pet, but they are so soft, gentle, and
they only nibble a bit. They never bite!
Sometimes you can ride them (to the park) other times you put them
on a 10 metre leash! This would be very beneficial for me to get lots
of extra exercise too.
You may be wondering where he would sleep. I have already planned
this: he will sleep in a space in the attic – you will only need to get a
ten foot extension in the roof for his neck, the rest we can work out
I will wash the dishes for two months to save up the money to get
my giraffe, surely you will agree that this is a great deal.
We all know how much I care for my pets so this shouldn’t really be a
Thank you to the best parents in the world!
Yours sincerely

Dear parents,

This is a very important letter from a boy in year 6 at The Christian School, Takeley. The reason I am writing is to tell you why you should send your child to our school. There are some spaces in our school so it is a fantastic opportunity to join this amazing community.

In addition to the school being good for education it is also fun. There are loads of nice kids and there are no bullies here. The teachers are friendly and kind; they care about us a lot and they know us really well because there are not too many people. We call the teachers by their first names. Because the classes are so small no one misses out on anything. There are no bullies because when children are not nice teachers help us to sort it out. Furthermore, you won’t get lost because it’s so small.

You may be wondering how we have lots of friends if the classes are so small. Well, this is possible because the classes get together for some lessons (eg art) and at other times, like break, we see kids from all through the school and so we can all be friends. In fact we have three break times which is very cool.

Surely someone as caring as you would want your child to be happy and learning at the same time. At this school everyone gets help with their work and the teachers make the work fun. This school is like a big fun, fantastic family.

Has this letter not persuaded you enough? Let me leave you with this final thought: sometimes the older kids sell ice pops or hot chocolate (depending on the season) and the money goes to good causes.



Photo by Giulia Lorenzon on Unsplash

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