Juniors Articles

Well where do they speak French and Spanish?

Juniors had a project this half term called Country in a Box. They had to research a country where French or Spanish were spoken outside of Europe.

The Upper Juniors want to persuade you with their writing

Dear Mummy and Daddy, This is a letter from your hard-working, caring and considerate daughter. Please may I have a pet giraffe? I promise to feed it, bath it, and clean up after it every day. I understand this isn’t a normal pet, but they are so soft, gentle, and...

Lock Down Art

Our pupils continue to be amazingly creative working from home!

The human body (and how I want to get out of here A.S.A.P.) By James D

The human body (and how I want to get out of here A.S.A.P.) By James I crept through the pipe of the dark creepy oesophagus I tiptoed past the aorta of the deafening beating heart. I bounced on the airbags of humongous inflatable lungs. I strolled along the path of...
Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxons

The Juniors have an exciting term studying the Anglo-Saxons. Putting themselves in the shoes of Anglo-Saxon settlers,...

European Culture Day

European Culture Day

With so much talk about our countries' future in Europe, on the day of the general election we held a European Culture...

Building Nests

   In horticulture, years 3 to 5 were challenged to build a bird’ s nest. They gathered their materials and the two...

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