Juniors Articles

Well where do they speak French and Spanish?

Juniors had a project this half term called Country in a Box. They had to research a country where French or Spanish were spoken outside of Europe.

The Upper Juniors want to persuade you with their writing

Dear Mummy and Daddy, This is a letter from your hard-working, caring and considerate daughter. Please may I have a pet giraffe? I promise to feed it, bath it, and clean up after it every day. I understand this isn’t a normal pet, but they are so soft, gentle, and...

Lock Down Art

Our pupils continue to be amazingly creative working from home!

The human body (and how I want to get out of here A.S.A.P.) By James D

The human body (and how I want to get out of here A.S.A.P.) By James I crept through the pipe of the dark creepy oesophagus I tiptoed past the aorta of the deafening beating heart. I bounced on the airbags of humongous inflatable lungs. I strolled along the path of...
Maya Project

Maya Project

The Juniors are studying the ancient Maya people and have had fun recreating Tikal, an ancient city in Guatemala,...

Vikings in the Forest!

The juniors headed for the forest dressed as Vikings, complete with helmets, shields and swords. We took on Viking...