Well we are stuck into the new year and the Y11s are labouring at their GCSE Modules. This will be the last time this will happen as from now on there will be one examination date in May and June and no opportunity to sit early or retake. Just like the old days; yes but our exam culture has moved on so much. I think our children will need a lot of support and understanding to cope with this rapid change in the way things are done.
The holidays were a welcome break in the cycle of sickness and hopefully you have all had time to recuperate. Looking out at the ice and snow it is nice to see that the season has at last changed. Hopefully some of the nasties will be killed off! In such a small school we really notice when children are ill and absent.
This term we are looking forward to more endurance racing for Year 7 and 8, Bishop’s Stortford College’s Literary Festival and going tree planting with the Woodland Trust in the Jubilee Wood in Wethersfield. And of course there is Pancake day. We seem to remember St Pancake more than the season the day heralds and so this term we have been looking at the Ten Commandments and realising the importance of reflection and forgiveness. For some, it’s going to be a revelation to hear the story of Salvation for the first time.

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