Book day

A butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker.

One of the features of the second half of the Spring Term is the way in which the children have taken up the idea of,’…loving your neighbour…’. Also the preparation for and performances of Joseph added a new flavour to the Christian School, Takeley’s calendar.

What makes the school Christian? The ethos and the teachers are important as well as the character lessons offered to the pupils. If you look at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, you see a community not only famous for its musical worship but for its hospitality and care for the homeless. They express love for God in their worship which continues in their care for their neighbour. This, I feel, is what makes a school a Christian School; we aim to be a community of faith, love and hope in action. We aspire to excellence in our education which includes service to others.

World Book Day went with a swing as pupils dressed up as picture book characters. Everyone took part and we had a hilarious time viewing and appraising each other’s costumes. Our assembly showed how some of the money we were collecting went to promoting literacy in the poorest communities of the world.

What a fine event our open morning was! We can be justly proud of the commitment of the parents, pupils and staff and all our visitors went away impressed. As usual we are particularly proud of how genuine and glowing pupils are about representing their school.

Our fund raising event, the Golf Day, was well attended. Participants were very generous and impressed at how everyone involved socialised. Apparently this was unusual. Well done to the organisers for carrying the friendliness of the school into the Golf Club.

This year’s swimming gala saw further friendly competition. This annual event welcomes our home educators into a competition everyone can succeed in.Prizes were given not only for winning but also for participating as a team; something that requires a lot of sensitivity with the wide age range involved. Our older pupils excel at this.

The end of term brought three fascinating assemblies, one about the Good Shepherd Project in Brazil. We learned about how a family at the school set up this project for street children.The next was about Compassion, a charity that encourages the sponsorship of children in developing countries. The involvement of pupils and families in this project was heart warming. During this half term, teachers and pupils were involved in a live music event in aid of Meninadança. Finally we had a Fair Trade Day and assembly organised by Year 9 on the last day of the term. This included food and a treasure hunt as well as an informed presentation and was part of their Geography work. Assembly included our prize giving for the term.

Prizes were awarded for the House Challenge. Pupils had committed to try something different and collect evidence of their success. As a House they encouraged one another and points were awarded. The most engaged House, Liddell, won The Challenge Cup. The opportunity was also taken to congratulate the Year 11s on their successful work experience placements. We were impressed by outstanding reports of their work and character. The prayers of thanks were special.

And now to a highlight of the term, the performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat. Wow, what an amazing performance and wonderful show. The quality of the solo performers was fantastic, the commitment of the chorus brilliant and the back stage helpers were a credit. Thank you so much to Heidi, our music teacher, for enabling the pupils to reach their potential as singers and having the idea in the first place. Heidi, together with Charlotte,our English, Drama and Media Studies teacher, showed huge commitment in putting on this event and dispensing doughnuts. Well done to all the pupils; you are all stars, from the Juniors to the Seniors. Thanks to Jo, our Sewing and Horticulture teacher, for the great costumes you made, to Rhiannon a parent, Rachael our Head Girl, Susan our Junior teacher and Jo for coaching the performers. Thanks to the ladies and gents, parents and teachers, who did the refreshments especially Aileen, our cookery teacher, and Amanda a parent and volunteer in the office. Thanks to Helen and Linda, able parents, for organising and selling the tickets. Even the car parking was good.  This was really a community in action!

What more should we say, only that we need your prayers. We look forward to what God has for us for next term and for next year.

We have a number of applicants from our Open Morning who were so taken by the school they are joining in the Summer Term! We still have places for next Autumn Term and would encourage early application as this situation can change rapidly.

New term starts on the 2nd of September 2020School Calendar