Red, White and Blue

Red, white and blue!

The time for completing assignments and sitting tests and exams is upon us. Standardised tests, GCSEs and A levels have all started and the Seniors are looking forward to their terminal exams. Sounds a bit final but Mr Gove has dictated that from now on all examinations will be terminal up to GCSE. So this will be the last year you have more than one bite of the cherry at GCSE.  The message then is that pupils need to get used to taking examinations during one period and cramming for them all.

A treat this term is to hear the music compositions from the GCSE music classes. This happened in one of our family assemblies on a Friday. We heard three new compositions played on keyboards, one being sung, and heard performance pieces on trumpet, piano and cello. Electronic versions of some of the pieces can be heard by visiting or by subscribing to our iTunes podcast channel.

Well the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are upon us. We had a wonderful time all dressed up in red white and blue. After careful planning, the Year 9 pupils transformed the school ready for our playground street party. There were attractions such as push half penny and pinball, as well as the ubiquitous face painting. We also had an art display of paintings of the queen executed by the Juniors. At lunch time our special guests arrived and a table of wonderful British foods was revealed. We all feasted on national dishes home prepared by school families.

David Daykin read the Jubilee Prayer before we started and we sung the National Anthem. Then the eating, chatting and fellowship began. Everything culminated in an assembly celebrating the Queen’s reign by looking back at what had happened and changed since she came to the throne. The Juniors presented a video of their thoughts and prayers for the queen and then presentations were made.

We were sad to say good bye to Maddy Davies who has worked in the office since the school opened in 1989. Her youngest son is taking his GCSEs this year and this heralds the end of an era. Maddy illustrates the continuity that exists at the school because of family involvement.

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