As I sit down to write this, we have just had our Open Day. Last weekend we had our envisioning day and last night we had a quiz night. Our school truly involves the whole family! If you missed our open day, don’t worry, just get in touch.

This month we were able to send the proceeds of our Readathon to Stand By Me to help children in Nepal.

We had an international day organised by the pupils to celebrate the nations represented at our school. Pupils brought in representative foods and dressed up in the costumes and colours of their nation. So, I was impressed to register a Viking and be offered a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, be taught how to count in Chinese, eat Hungarian cake and enjoy Haggis. It was also a revelation how many traced family back to France and Germany and one to a Paraguayan indian. Madagascar was represented, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as one child who claimed to be a descendant of the Finnish aristocracy. Once again we experienced extreme creativity.

I am sure you will join me in affirming all the youngster who are just about to do exams. Life is more important than exams. You are valued for who you are and loved by God. This is the most important thing. I pray that you will know peace and wisdom and be able to do your best.

Work hard and rest hard. Eat well and drink lots of water! Work smart and exercise. Be active in your learning and write stuff down.

You are more valuable than any exam certificate you will receive.


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