Pegasus Bridge

Year 10 and Year 11 History and French class at Pegasus Bridge, Normandy last year.

For those of you with school aged children, we hope you all had a happy, healthy and rested summer holiday break. This summer, we kept ourselves busy preparing for the opening of our new nursery and early years department and feel we have something very special to offer. On the 2nd September we had pleasure and pride in welcoming our first pupils! They settled in quickly and are happily helping us explore this area of education again.
We also had pleasure in welcoming new staff and students throughout the school. Did you know we provide education from 3 to 16years?
We had a wonderful set of GCSE results from last year’s Y11 class. Some children out performed against their CAT (Cognitive Ability Test) predictions by as much as 3 GCSE grades. With such tiny numbers, statistics can’t give a very good picture as they are so affected by any one person’s results (and nor do they give the stories of the individuals behind the figures, who worked so hard to do so well)
All pupils were able to go to the school of their choice: four studying A levels at St Marys school, one studying A levels at the B.S. College, one taking a BTEC at Harlow College and one studying A levels at Saffron Walden High School.
We currently have places available in a number of year groups and, if you are interested in learning more about what we can offer, come along and see us in action. Make an appointment and two of our senior pupils will show you around. Contact the office on 01279 871182 and arrange a tour.
On the 3rd September our first trip of the academic year took place. Year 9 headed to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green for an informative art trip.
Looking forward we have a group heading off to a Chef School session in Harlow, a visit from our Swedish school pen friends and some special assemblies. We endeavour to update our Facebook page regularly with displays and news to share.


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