The human body
(and how I want to get out of here A.S.A.P.)
By James

I crept through the pipe
of the dark creepy oesophagus
I tiptoed past the aorta
of the deafening beating heart.

I bounced on the airbags
of humongous inflatable lungs.
I strolled along the path
of some spotless white bone.

I got tossed and turned
In the endlessly churning stomach.
I clambered through the tubes
of the elongated and far-reaching veins.

I got squashed and squeezed
crawling through the intestines.
I snuck past the chains
of some intimidating antibodies.


It looked as if I would never get out
of this seemingly endless maze…
Then I popped myself out
of a rather awkward place.

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